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Living around Clearwater Florida is just asking for heat, especially during the scorching 8 month-long summer. Before Air Conditioning, living here wasn't even entertained as a possibility for most people. Now everyone in Florida relies on efficient Air Conditioning systems to survive. Apostle AC specializes in all things air and heat to keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. We have the tools, the crew and the technical experience needed to install, repair and maintain the best home heating cooling systems on the market.

Air Conditioning Installation

The key to competent, efficient Air conditioning is proper sizing. We start each and every installation project with a new load calculation to gauge how much cooling and heating is required, then proceeding with the homeowner we discuss the equipment that's sized for those needs.

With the corrected sized system in hand, our installation team will quickly gather your new Air Conditioning equipment and begin the process of removing and installing your new system ,because working efficiently is what makes it possible.We are a factory endorsed dealer, we’re generously experienced in the manufacturer’s high standards, and we strive to make sure the Air conditioning system we install meets or exceeds those standards. We maintain honest communication with the homeowner throughout the installation process and investigate the new system totally from removal of the old system,to the installation of the new Air Conditioning System before leaving your site.

Air Conditioning Repair

There are few things as frustrating as issues with your A/C unit during hot summer weather, in Florida. Thanks to our repair team, those pesky issues do not surface other than minor hassels.Our NATE-certified technicians have access to State of the Art electronic training manuals,dexterity and tools needed to scrutinize minor and major issues grow, and we take pride in completing the majority of repair calls in a single visit.

When issues arise that due to increased significant repairs that may necessitate replacement of air conditioner, we show up prepared to diagnose and repair your system issues.We strive to maintain susceptible communication with the customer throughout the repair process and everlastingly clean up the site before leaving your premise.

Preventative Maintenance Timetable

While striving to make simple repairs easy and to maintain that any of your AirConditioning issues is kept at bay. That’s why we impart affordable preventative service agreements, programs to diagnose and repair any small, emerging problems so they cannot grow into major issues. During each maintenance visit, our technicians will make small calibrations and adjustments needed to fix your AirConditioning system to save on energy consumption.

Think of preventative service agreements or programs because of saving both a short-term and long-term investment of your Air Conditioning system. We lower your utility bills and increased your money down the road by preventing expensive repairs and failure of your Air Conditioner system.